Eric Clapton’s first music video:Forever Man 1985

I thought I’d air this music promo again as it’s fascinating.It was lit by a young Roger Deakins before he became the greatest cinematographer in the world….and directed by Kevin Godley and Lol Creme of 10cc fame. There was alot of smoke on the set and it wasn’t all from the SFX department. I think there were about 8 camera crews including 2 Steadicam Operators (Pete Cavaciuti and myself). Other camera operators included Ray Andrew, Jeff Baynes, Dave Bridges, John Simmons and Nick Knowland. We are all featured in this elaborate “camera ballet” round a circular stage. Despite a day’s rehearsal we still managed to knock Roger’s Golden Panaflex off its dolly with the arm of the Titan Crane. At 2’44” you can clearly see this as I captured it on Steadicam. The late James Ainslie (1st a/c) holds his head in horror…and Roger Deakins just makes a bolt for it!


The Decoy Bride

I saw this movie recently at Glasgow Film Festival and its delightful. A script by Sally Phillips produced by Ecosse Films and directed by Sheree Folkson, its witty, gorgeous-looking and heart-warming without being cheesy. I did some work on it more than 2 years ago when it was shooting in Scotland and I’m pleased to say almost all my footage has made it to the screen!  I remember when I arrived on set being told it was a very “girly” film. I was seen lowering my viewfinder  when exploring shots for the opening scene and immediately pulled up by the director. It seems low angles are not for lassies! I’d never really thought much about gender-specific camera angles before but I suppose if you think about Rocky 2 or Rambo 19………anyway being somewhat bendy I loved this girly film…most particularly because its a funny film. There are superb lead performances by David Tennant, Alice Eve and especially Kelly Macdonald. She plays the local island girl who inadvertently becomes a “decoy bride” to distract the paps from the wedding of the century. David plays a blocked writer and (naturally) a twit and Alice plays (naturally) the world’s most beautiful film star to whom he is incomprehensibly betrothed. Its all set in the sheeting rain and soggy bogs of  the Scottish West Coast …and its all good…..

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