Wigwam Women



Think I’ll go see the Wigwam Women
they feel what I feel,
covering ground on purple evenings
when there’s a mist

I kayaked the love affair rapids
and out on the lake of forgotten pain
made camp on happenstance island
then came back again.

At the inconvenience store
I couldn’t get ammo, beans or meal
now I need to see the Wigwam Women
need to heal.

If I rode out now past the empty claims
and fossils and rusting bogies upturned
to the wildfire free valley
where no boats are ever burned
where the hunting’s still good
and the gathering is real
I’d see the Wigwam Women
They feel what I feel
They feel what I feel


An Idiot Abroad series 2


An Idiot Abroad series 2 crew - Malekula Volcano

I returned to shoot the 2nd season of the Sky 1 series An Idiot Abroad earlier this year – a phenomenally successful comedy travel series with Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington. This shot shows a motley group of people standing on the rim of a live volcano in Vanuatu  just after dawn one Saturday…the way you do.

An Idiot Abroad 2 has just finished screening in the UK with record ratings and is due out in North America early next year.

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